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IBM MaaS360 helps enterprises think of highly secure ways to support the user’s expectations of being able to work while mobile and having the flexibility to use devices and apps of their choice.

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How IBM MaaS360 benefits you

Help protect users in their environment

IBM helps provide a high level of end-to-end mobile security across devices, apps, content, and users.

IBM offers comprehensive solutions to help you secure your endpoints

IBM provides 4 different security suites to compliment your desired security posture enabling the security of your endpoint devices..

System integration and training provided with IBM solution suites

Enterprise extender provides the ability to integrate with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, and more with training in an IBM MaaS360 hosted environment.

Assured protection for your mobile endpoint solutions

Endpoint devices are protected by FISMA certification and SOC 2 Type II certifications along with FedRAMP controls.

How We Work

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How does it integrate with other MaaS360 products?.

These new capabilities work together seamlessly on the MaaS360 platform to support the full breadth of an enterprise’s mobility reach and support requirements.

This allows customers to enroll and configure devices over the air, tie into enterprise systems, check device posture, enforce security policies, provide help desk support, manage expenses, and protect corporate data through a combination of native device functionality and our own proprietary technology.

The various ownership and security use cases present unique challenges that can only be solved by this fully integrated approach to enterprise mobility management that MaaS360 provides. And because it’s delivered with the simplicity and trust of the MaaS360 cloud platform, customers can scale their deployments quickly throughout their organization.

Why do companies need a container solution?

Boosting productivity and mitigating risk are top of mind for companies as they expand employee access to corporate email, apps and documents from mobile devices they do not own.

For BYOD programs, containers are an efficient way to provide a completely separate “sandbox” area for work and control the movement of data. Privacy is also a top concern for companies because most employees use their mobile devices for both personal and business purposes.

MaaS360 Secure Productivity Suite provides this separate area for all work related activities with full control and protection over all corporate data and apps. With MaaS360 Secure Productivity Suite, IT has the option to manage only the container and does not need to control the entire device or gain any visibility into the rest of the data on the device. This preserves user privacy, drives user adoption, and protects the organization.

What are the common use cases?

MaaS360 provides IT teams a wider range of mobile security options to separate corporate and personal information across different categories of users, devices, content, and apps, all within the context of their business.

This gives customers the flexibility to offer tiered or layered mobile security to address their varied end user needs and IT security requirements, from advanced MDM security to more strict lockdown of corporate data for specific users in a managed enterprise workplace environment.

For businesses that need stringent security policy and compliance controls, such as those in the highly regulated healthcare and financial services industries, containerization can be especially helpful in making the BYOD experience more palatable for users.

With MaaS360, organizations can phase in BYOD and “right size” their mobile security investments for different classes of users, departments, geographies, devices and applications, and apply the technology approach that best meets the need of those use cases, all from a unified platform.

Does this impact the user experience?.

No. MaaS360 provides consistent functionality and security across all variants of iOS and Android devices. All work related activities occur within one familiar interface. For example, email, attachments, and document viewing and editing have a streamlined and consistent user experience.

An employee’s device no longer needs to be on a list of approved smartphones or tablets that have been certified and tested by IT, because corporate apps and data reside inside a secure container.

For IT, this provides a consistent set of controls and polices to secure work related data and email allowing support for a diverse set of devices for the business.

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