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Do you need help maximizing your IT function? Call us, we can simplify complex data integrations & find new basis of value within the IT environment of a small business or medium enterprise. We put forward IT solutions to meet company goals & possess the technology portfolio to simplify, guide and assist IT management.

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Providing a series of IT solutions 24/7, with around the clock support for clients as standard. Whether you are a start-up or a medium sized firm or a large institute, you need to know that you can pick up the phone and get timely resolutions from an IT company you can trust. Whatever the size and scale of the issue, we will facilitate and keep your company operating effectively.

We offer competitive and flexible solutions based around what works for your business, rather than a set of packages we expect it to fit into. After functioning with you to understand your specific business requirements, we then build a solution which meets and exceeds those requirements from our full range of IT, telephony and consultancy services. Make Contact with us now to discuss your requirements, or read on to find out more about what we offer.


We influence technology to be the driving force for top-to-bottom conversion and innovation. In all areas of business operation, we will advantageously guide and build-up a progressive ecosystem that is tailor-made to deal with challenges as they come up. Thrive in any IT setting and smartly respond to volatile market conditions and shift operational gears.


We endow with end-to-end services that will empower employees, result in high-performing networks and well turned-out systems, and improve workflow. Through strategic deployment, you will see optimal uptime in all mission-critical areas of IT and ensure seamless connection. We facilitate you tap into the supremacy of next-generation technologies without breaking your bank.


Contract out your infrastructure to the experts, and grow the value of our endowed IT specialists and resources. At the IT Services which is provided throughout the day we’ll assess your requirements to design and present a flexible, more cost-effective network solution that’s fit for purpose.

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Here at Promax IT Solutions we believe in unity, not uniformity. We are technology evangelists who believe that diverse ideas are the driving power in innovation. By linking us, we can escalate and hold at mission-critical points of an IT project or partnership with tailor-made solutions that work. Ushering in a new era of collaboration, we will accelerate your portfolio expansion and spearhead your transition into new markets by giving premier, fast IT support on multiple operational lines.


We react quickly to rapid-fire changes. We can help you at all vertical and horizontal points of IT by discovering incompatibilities among organization and network elements. Whether you’re trying to unlock the potential of cloud computing, modernize your IT infrastructure or stabilize your network, we have the IT professionals that can facilitate navigate through the logical configurations and complexities. Fidelity IT Solutions, a Toronto-based IT service contributor, delivers trouble determination tools and onsite IT support that will make your IT environment more responsive, resilient and robust.


From side to side a strategic partnership with Our IT Solutions, we will maintain you ahead of the technology curve. Integrating Our IT Solutions will help you get the leg-up on competitors as we engage and leverage resources that will assist you diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve. We will integrate information technology and IT support into your business model and help mobilize a fast-moving growth strategy so you can compete and excel in any market situation. We consider every aspects of your IT ecosystem and provide an end-to-end analysis of your hardware, software and networks.


A business expects strategic guidance when it comes to IT support, IT consulting and IT management. By taking a practical approach, a business in anywhere in the world needs guaranteed uptime, empowering tools and processes that was once only afforded to large conglomerates. Undersized businesses and medium-sized companies want their IT department to level the playing field and do so in a cost-efficient and smart manner. IT support has become an integral fraction of business operations for SMBs (small to medium-sized business). IT has become an empowering device that improves effectiveness, workflow and R & D. 67 percent of those surveyed believe that IT policy in their workplace can use some significant upgrades. These are their top concerns (%):

Data Loss
Personal Data