Security and Compliance


Problems with email communication, IT infrastructure malfunctions, complete system failure, data loss, data fraud, recovery expenses, penalties, damage to company image, etc. Is your Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365) environment protected from cyber attacks, compliance violations and their consequences?

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Secure and compliant around the clock

Security needs to be at the heart of your digitalisation strategy. It can’t be an afterthought or something you switch on at certain times.

To help you stay in control, we offer a fully-managed, 24/7 service desk. Gaining complete visibility into your systems allows us to proactively secure your IT infrastructure before any lasting damage can occur

Six tips to get started with Microsoft’s 365 Compliance Center

Now that we went through all the features you can find inside the Compliance Center, let’s go over six useful tips to make sure you know what your next moves are.

Review your Microsoft Compliance Score to improve your compliance score

Configure insider risk management policies to help minimize internal risks and easily detect threatening activities in your organization.

Review your organization%u2019s data loss prevention policies and make changes if necessary

Set up Microsoft Cloud App Security and get familiar with it.

Create communication compliance policies to identify and correct corporate policy violations as soon as possible.

Make sure you review alerts or potential risks.

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Keeping score in Microsoft 365

To help you understand your security needs, our team will review and audit your existing controls in Microsoft 365

Our Microsoft 365 services include:

Microsoft 365 Secure Score analyse your regular activities and assign a security score. We’ll provide a list of clear and actionable recommendations to boost this score and, in turn, improve your security.

Security and compliance centre audit data across all Microsoft 365 services and receive security alerts. We’ll guide you through the process of reviewing reports and keep a close eye on activity.

Cloud app securitygain insight into suspicious activity within your Microsoft 365 environment and in more than 15000 cloud apps. We’ll offer careful recommendations on policies and controls to configure.

We can also review and analyse any existing policies and controls within Mimecast, providing expert recommendations for optimisation.

O365 Advanced eDiscovery

Organisations have many reasons to respond to a legal case involving certain executives or other employees in your organisation.

This might involve quickly finding and retaining specific information in email, documents, instant messaging conversations, and other content locations used by people in their day-to-day work.

You can perform these and many other similar activities by using the eDiscovery case tools in the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center

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Data loss protection

As a Microsoft Partner, we can implement a technology-driven data loss prevention policy that protects your business and prevents data leakage.

This policy can:

Detect and label sensitive information, such as credit card numbers

Continuously monitor sensitive data within desktop applications like Word and Excel

Prevent your employees from accidentally sharing data to those who shouldn’t see it

Restrict access to files and emails sent outside of your business

Share data loss protection policy tips and expectations with your employees

Automatically implementany established rules and conditions, enabling minimal manual intervention