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GDPR Compliance

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Under the GDPR the appointment of a Data Protection Officer (DPO) becomes mandatory for certain organizational types, and where privacy risks are deemed high the GDPR also introduces mandatory privacy impact assessments (PIAs). The GDPR initiates many new obligations to organizations handling and processing Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Alarmingly, less than 20% of organizations in the UK are prepared to meet the requirements of the GDPR. Mostly people have no idea where to start the GDPR process, or where to get the help and support they require.

Fortunately, we are here to help organizations overcome the challenges associated with data protection compliance.

We take GDPR seriously. Our aim is to minimize your risk and protect your operations from data breaches, complaints and enforcement action from the regulator.

Our DPO services help prepare your organization to comply with GDPR. Our methodology is one of nonstop compliance, ensuring that no matter what changes take place within your organization you will remain compliant with GDPR.

Getting Compliant

Data Protection Officer

Our DPO services make sure you stay on track and get the guidance you need.

GDPR Consultancy

Our professional employees assist your organization in the preparation and maintenance of GDPR compliance. Our enthusiastic consultants deliver a practitioner led compliance framework comprising risk assessments, implementation support and on-going expert guidance.

Bespoke Compliance Projects

We can offer bespoke data privacy services based around your unique necessities.

Auditing and Policy Review

We audit your GDPR compliance implementation and review your policies to ensure that your demonstrated compliance is met and maintained.


Employee’s awareness training to get everyone in your organization up to speed with the latest regulations.

EU Representation

If you are situated outside of the EU and would like representation in order to comply with GDPR then we can help. Our EU demonstration service can help to bring your organization into compliance with GDPR.


We Are Here For You

Data Protection
Officer Service

Our Data Protection Officer service makes sure that your back-to-back GDPR compliance necessities are met, including a dedicated GDPR consultant and account manager, on-site readiness assessment, 15 minute response times and unlimited support


Whether it is planning, deployment and troubleshooting, our qualified team of data protection consultants can help you with various projects, including Data Mapping, Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) and Data Breach Response as part of a tailored package…


Our data security expertise provides your organization with immersive Data Breach and Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) training designed for C-Suite and management teams, we also provide other instructor led training to meet your development needs.


We assure to provide a clear and unbiased view of your organizations true GDPR compliance status, highlight risks and provide recommendations affording the highest levels of protection, and provide audits for mergers and acquisitions…

Develop and implement the organization’sTrain and advise staffIdentify and monitor the use of personal dataHandle and respond to all requests for information

— The responsibilities of a DPO—

GDPR Consultancy Services

Business Intelligence

A guided approach to complianc

While deciding on how to best correspond to the interests of businesses with regards to their own GDPR compliance journeys the Ametros Group decided that a guided consultancy process is the best model.

No more tick box exercises

In regards to the words of the UK Information Commissioner “(GDPR) is all about moving away from seeing the law as a box ticking exercise”, this has influenced our process greatly. The authority who will enforce GDPR in the UK, the ICO, are not going to rate a business’s level of compliance or the willingness they make obvious to abide by the sum of paperwork they have on the subject itself, locked away in an office somewhere.

Bring genuine cultural change

The GDPR seeks out to bring about authentic cultural change with regards to how organizations value their data protection considerations, starting at board level and pervading all areas of the business as it cascades down.

Hands on practical approach

The most excellent way to demonstrate compliance with GDPR, and to keep away from financial penalties for non-compliance, is to actually apply it to your business practically, and the best way to that is to understand it. Hence, our GDPR practitioner guided compliance journey, starting with awareness training for all key stakeholders of your organization: its scope and how that will apply to you, the various latest definitions surrounding data protection, latest individuals rights you need to be aware of and your new obligations as either data controller or data processor. From there we will together construct a comprehensive overview of your business operations and bring those in line with GDPR, train your staff on how to work with new rules and show you as business proprietor and managers how to maintain your continuous compliance. It is a journey best taken together, and it might seem to be a daunting task, but we are going to help you through every part of it.


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